I’ve managed to do a fair bit of ‘talking’ along the way as well. This has included being invited to give talks at leading R&D groups like ATR in Japan, Willow Garage in the States, Zhejiang’s robotics group in China, and IDEO again in the States; just to name some… there have been more!


I’ve also had my research and thoughts featured in main stream press like Cosmos Magazine, MX Newspaper, BBC Technology, Techworld, U:Mag and major television channels like BBC World News (UK), SBS (Australia), and Channel 7 (Australia); again to name some, but not all.


I’ve also hosted a number of VIP demonstrations, including to Julia Gillard in 2011 (she was Prime Minister of Australia in 2011!), and given input to the communities such as involvement as a Co-Chair for HRI 2015; again, again to name some, but not all.



So… Lots of talk! For more details click here -->

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Dr Nathan Kirchner HRI Roboticist