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Disruptive innovation is born from behaviourally & culturally synergetic cutting edge technology that is inherently integrated into our core undertakings. It is the intersection of Breakthrough Technology, Business Needs, and Behaviour of people, businesses, cities, cultures, etc.


Along with the necessity for the technology to be in tune with business needs [Business], this also inherently places the humans-in-the-loop and further key necessities for the technology arise: 1) Sensing & Perception [Breakthrough Tech], 2) Human Robot Interaction [Breakthrough Tech / Behaviour], 3) Working Technology Transition [Behaviour].


1) Sensing & Perception [Breakthrough Tech] to deliver real time interpreted information (behaviour/observations to meaning mapping).


This research stream focuses on in-the-loop sensing of agents (people, objects, machines, etc.) to facilitate the collection of a mindfully designed set of behavioural features that are then employed as the basis upon which  to extract meaning through leveraging understandings and insights from Psychology and Behavioural Science.


This goes beyond a set of observation that describe a hand ‘wobbling around’ (just as one example) and not only interpret that behaviour as a ‘wave’ but interpret that there is a likelihood that this agent will now proceed to an exit point of the room based on what they have previously done, what cues they are giving now, and the context of the situation they are in.



For more info look for my papers that have words like ‘detection’,

‘recognition’, & ‘sensing’ in the titles here -->                    or here -->

research sensing and perception  nathan kirchne Nathan Kirchner

Dr Nathan Kirchner HRI Roboticist