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Disruptive innovation is born from behaviourally & culturally synergetic cutting edge technology that is inherently integrated into our core undertakings. It is the intersection of Breakthrough Technology, Business Needs, and Behaviour of people, businesses, cities, cultures, etc.


Along with the necessity for the technology to be in tune with business needs [Business], this also inherently places the humans-in-the-loop and further key necessities for the technology arise: 1) Sensing & Perception [Breakthrough Tech], 2) Human Robot Interaction [Breakthrough Tech / Behaviour], 3) Working Technology Transition [Behaviour].


2) Interaction [Breakthrough Tech / Behaviour]; the man-machine must coexist.


This research stream focuses on devising robotics technologies that elicit behavioural change, submerge into behaviours and induce dramatically better realisations.


This is not simply ‘a nice interface’, or even 'delivering an experience', but rather pivoting the man-machine, human-machine, human-robot  interaction paradigm from the more traditional master-slave to that of interaction peers (like in Human Human Interaction).



*For more info look for my papers that have words like ‘A Robot-Centric Perspective

on HRI, ‘influence’, ‘interaction’, & ‘behaviour’ in the titles here -->                    or here -->

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Dr Nathan Kirchner HRI Roboticist