I've also managed to pick up a few tertiary qualifications along the way… but in my typical style I did my fair share of bouncing around and co-appointments here too. I started with a qual in Electronics, then took a break to work for a bit, then did half a B.Eng in Mechatronics, and took a break to work a bit more again. I went back and finished that degree and then you guessed it, took a break and worked for a bit.


Then I did a PhD in Robotics - that went well – and again went back and worked a bit again! I've made all of that sound a bit cleaner than it was. There were overlaps between the study and the work in all of those cases… and they were all different jobs… all robotics related though!


But it doesn't end there! Just to get us up to date, at this point I’d worked my way into a tenured faculty appointment and to make things really interesting whilst doing that full time I also complete a B.Sc full time, & a Grad Cert at a different uni also full time, & managed to knock off a few R&D embedded design by contract jobs for companies in the States and the UK. (I really don't sleep much!)



That turned into a bit more of a life story than a quals list. For the dot point version see -->

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Dr Nathan Kirchner HRI Roboticist