Hi, I'm Nathan ( I have a bit of a background in robotics, I’ve built up experience from within both industry R&D roles and from academia appointments. I have spent 20+ odd working years across the two - often with an industry role, academic appointment, and full time study at the same time!


My career-thought trajectory over that time started, as many of us do, more focused at solutions focused at delivering on business needs through technology - a.k.a Industrial Automation/Robotics with solutions 'locked in a cell'.


From there my career-thought trajectory expanded to consider the human factors that inherently interplay at the fundamental system level with any non-strictly 'locked in a cell' deployment of robotics, and to consider how these human factors can be integrated into-the-loop to exploit the full potential of interaction of humans and robots - a.k.a. Human Robot Interaction (HRI).


So! Have a click around. This site is intended to give a bit of a casual recap and overview of… well… me!



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Dr Nathan Kirchner HRI Roboticist