To be honest, I do what I do because I am seriously into it! I am so intrinsically motivated that it often catches me off guard when someone want to know more about what I am doing. So it is always a bit of a surprise when an external party shines some light on me… I’ve had some surprising ones pushed at me.


Maybe the biggest was in 2011 when I was named as "one of Australia’s and the US' Top Ten Young Scientists" by Popular Science Magazine. But to be honest, it was a pretty close call. I’ve had a few things humble me. In 2014 I was asked to be a Distinguished Panellist at HRI – the premier academic outlet in the field. 2015 was a great one as well… in true Aussie style I received a seriously tongue in cheek award from the Australian Robotics and Automation Association. It was truly a buzz to have them acknowledge my research, and I could help but have a giggle at the cheeky way they delivered it – Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!


Anyway… I have a few more honours (trophies, competitive grants awards, this and that…)

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Dr Nathan Kirchner HRI Roboticist